The Fallen Star - Ace Hardlight

March the 17th 2012

The Fallen Star is now complete!

After almost 2 years, I have finally finished Ace Hardlight's life story! It sure did take a lot of time, effort and love to do this but hey. I did it! Would have been sooner if I wasn't so busy during 2011, heh. But it is a great feeling to have it completed now. I sure hope you guys enjoy the story almost as much as I do! Even though the story is done, there is still a LOT of artwork and stuff I wish to do for Ace and his friends... and his foes!

So this is not the end... nowhere near it!

And also note that I am still working on this website. So a lot of content is still missing; such as the character profiles and images. I still have a lot to do with them! But you can still take a peek now if you like. And the whole story IS there to read. Also added a few goodies to the Downloads page, heh.