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The Fallen Star is a story based on the life of Ace Hardlight. Somebody who is more well known to be a ruthless gladiator, a man with an unknown heroic past and an uncertain future.
What happened after Ace was adopted from an orphanage, raised to become one of the greatest superheroes of the past. And what caused him to turn into a selfish and sadistic gladiator, the champion of DreadZone... several years later? Who were the Sonic 6; the group of heroes who adopted him? And what really happened to Ace after Ratchet defeated him later on at DreadZone?

The Fallen Star will take you through his life as you uncover his successful past, up until his life was torn apart by a tragic accident. And why he chose to become a killer, rather than to resist the grasp of Gleeman Vox and his gladiator show. Watch how Ratchet reminds him of what he once was; defeating him and freeing him from Vox's grasp. An action which allowed Ace to begin his pathway to redemption after all he had been through...

Will Ace ever recover from such a deranged past? Why was he released from prison after a mere four and a half years; despite all the lives he destroyed? Will Ace ever get to see his team again, after all he has done? And will he be successful in his pathway to redeeming himself?

All will be uncovered throughout the phases of his life...  

The Fallen Star: Chapter 1

Authors note: Just so you guys know, a lot of the story is mostly 'outside' of the games (except for half of the DreadZone parts, and some of Zordoom) and there may be some OOC (out of character) because it is unknown what Ace's personality was like before he turned bad at DreadZone, and what his personality is like AFTER DreadZone.
But the rest of the canon characters should have their personalities intact. I respect canon and keeping the cast in-character. But if you want to help me with changing/improving their dialog and stuff, then feel free to contact me! I appreciate helpful advice. But be aware that I use New Zealand (UK) spelling! (colour instead of color, metre instead of meter, etc) and I'm not a pro when it comes to writing. I am more of an illustrator!
And just another note, the Sonic 7 and Bolden 3 ARE canon (but I made the whole team up, since they were unknown), they are at least in the official game guide anyway so if you don't know about it then check it out here. As I already explained on the FAQ, a lot of the story is based about Ace's past mentioned in there.
Thank You.

Chapter List And Phases:

Phase one - Fall of a Hero
The start of the story, and the start of a disaster... leading up to his fall as a superhero and his rise to a DreadZone superstar. This phase starts off as a usual everyday mission ends in victory, only to discover something truly awful had happened afterwards. His home planet Bolden 3, is destroyed by a beam - and he and his team get the blame.
This phase goes through the tough and depressing times in Ace's life, where not much humour will be about. You'll see how he changes into a cold and merciless gladiator, thanks to Gleeman Vox's promises - and to escape the harsh realities of life.

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Chapter 9:

Phase two - Life as an Exterminator
Ace has spent almost 6 years at DreadZone and is the 5 time, undefeated, grand champion. Cold, selfish and merciless; he has changed into a villain. He has no desire to escape DreadZone, as he now enjoys it and has let go of his past as a superhero, and does not appreciate being reminded of the accident that led him down this path. He has killed many superheroes, 13 alone in Season 5... it seems as if no one can stop Ace Hardlight, and remind him of who he once was.

At least until Ratchet ended up at DreadZone...

This phase is heavily based on Ratchet: Deadlocked/Gladiator, and contains a lot of canonical events, as well as plenty of humour (like in the game) and interesting takes on the games events.

Chapter 10:
Chapter 11:
Chapter 12:
Chapter 13:
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:
Chapter 16:
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Chapter 18:
Chapter 19:

Phase three - Pathway to Redemption
After being defeated by Ratchet and being thrown out of DreadZone... Ace can now take time to think over the mistakes he had made in life. He was captured by the Solana Security Squad and sent to a faraway prison in another galaxy, as he was deemed too dangerous for the Solana Prison Planet. Zordoom Prison is where he dwells, and is where he takes time to set his mind straight and realize the mistakes he has made in life. He longs to see his team again; the people who took him in as a child - but he believes that he will never see them again. Ace doesn't believe he deserves such a privilege anyway; after what he did.
He lives on, thinking that he will be in prison for the rest of his life. But during his 4th year in prison... the Polaris Police begin to notice his good behaviour; especially after he helped stop several prison break-outs.

Ace is utterly stumped; and surprised at what happens later on... when he gets the privilege of being released. Why, how? Read on to find out more!

This particular Phase goes through his slow but steady change back into a good person. He knows he cannot be a great superhero again, but it doesn't mean he cant do good in life from now on. Action, humour and adventure is abundant here, as well as the odd tip of drama here and there.

Chapter 20:
Chapter 21:
Chapter 22:
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Chapter 24:
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Chapter 28:
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Chapter 30:

Phase four - Seeker of Salvation
The fourth and final phase to Ace Hardlight's life story. After proving himself to his former team that he is indeed, a changed man... he is accepted back as a part of the team, now known as the Seven Seekers. The Seven Seekers are a group of Galactic Mercenaries who are occasionally called in by the President or any other leader for assistant in wars.
Although Ace and the Seekers spend the vast majority of their time relaxing and socializing with one another, now that the Solana Galaxy is free of any apparent danger and supervillain schemes. Things are quiet and Ace begins to enjoy the freedom in life. Being free from the public eye shunning him, free from having to go on so many hero missions, free from wary authorities... it was paradise.

As Ace's life starts to changes for the better, so does his state of mind. He is no longer murderous and raged filled, not even the slightest. But deep down, his dark past still haunts him, causing an immense guilt that continued to bother him in the back of his mind. However, as he spends more time with the seekers, he starts to develop a range of new feelings, very pleasant ones. Giving him a reason to keep his spirits up and be thankful for the freedom and second chance he has. His team was now the most important part of his life, and as he spent each day with them, it only got better.
So overall, he does enjoy the way life is treating him. Feeling incredibly grateful for his second chance at freedom. Never to be involved with any trouble again.

But even so, there were many questions unanswered about his life... his origin, his distant past. Where are the rest of his kind? What is Vaelidius? How did he end up on Bolden 3 in the first place? Watch as many untold truths and questions are surfaced in this final; drama, emotion and action packed phase of The Fallen Star - comes to light!

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